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How do you become an author even though you may not have the TIME, the TALENT, the DISCIPLINE to finish, or the KNOW-HOW to write a book?

The answer is to have the book ghostwritten for you. Yes, ghostwriting is often referred to as the "best kept secret of the publishing industry." Many of the #1 best sellers have been ghostwritten-- the named author is credited for the work of another.

Ever wonder where big time celebrities got the time in their busy schedules to write a book? Well, they didn't write it. They had the book ghostwritten!

Almost everyone has a book inside just waiting to escape but not necessarily the skill to get it out. And most people just cannot afford the price of a good ghostwriter.

Here are a number of reasons why you should have a book ghostwritten:

  • Having your name on a book gives you instant credibility and recognition in your field.

  • It sets you apart from others who may be just as qualified or even more qualified than you but who don't own a book.

  • Having a product of your own gives you full control and puts you in the negotiation seat.

  • You have a chance to share your story and ideas with people you may have never had the opportunity to meet face-to-face. Expands your audience.

  • Shows your level of ambition.

Having published 5 books myself and ghostwritten many others, I can tell you that the instant credibility that being a published author brings you is incredible! Just think about it. How many published authors do you know in your community? .... My point exactly.

The industry average price for a ghostwritten book is $5,000 for very low to $50,000 on the high end of the scale.

This averages out to about $125 per page on the low end to $175 per page on the high end.

To hire me to research and ghostwrite an ebook for you will not cost you anything near that region though. You invest only $60 per page (250 words) for the first 100 pages and $30 per page after that. This means that an ebook of an average 75 pages will cost you just under $4,500!

So if you sell this book for the average price of $27, you need only make 140 sales to recoup your investment. After this you are in pure profit. My very first ebook sold over $40,000 not counting the sales of a few resale rights holders. (Most of my clients make back their investment in just the first 90 days!!)

So your investment can easily be recovered through sale of the book or even quicker by offering resale rights to a number of other sellers.

If you wish to print-publish your book the rate be different since I would not hold resale rights to the book. This will depend on the level of research required and the amount of material that you will contribute. On average the rate will be about $75 per page without royalty sharing. Send me an email to discuss final pricing.


Pricing and Payment Policy

The minimum number of page will be set at 50. Any ebook below this page count will be termed a "report" and the price will be a flat $997.

Payment structure will follow a 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 split. That's 1/3 of total submitted at start of project, 1/3 at delivery of first draft and 1/3 upon satisfactory completion of project. There will be a 25% "killer fee" assessed should the client choose to terminate the project after first payment but before first delivery.

The TYPICAL rate for a print book where I receive no authorship credit is $70 per page (250 words) for the first 100 pages and $30 per page beyond that.

The ACTUAL rate will depend on the subject, research time and the level of contribution of the client.

The average time for completion for a 150 page book is 6-8 weeks.

Preferred method of payment is through Paypal, but I also accept payment through wire transfer, business check or money order that can be drawn on a US Bank.

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I look forward to working with you,

Ray L. Edwards
Published Author, Copywriter, Internet Marketing Consultant.


Note: I reserve the right to refuse any ghostwriting request without prior notice or citation of a reason.