Copywriting Samples - Portfolio

Here is a list of websites that I've written copy for. This is not a complete list but it will give you a taste for my writing style and ability.

I've written successful sales letters for the following markets:

  • Health / Fitness / Wellness
  • Network Marketing / MLM
  • Home Business
  • Internet Marketing
  • Financial
  • Religious
  • Sports / Gaming
  • B2B
  • Software
  • Information Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • .. And many more. Please ask if you don't see your market represented here.

The No-Click Traffic Secret

This copy did over $50,000 in sales from a sub-$50 product. It still continues to convert very well. This was from untargeted traffic, so with higher level traffic it does much better. One reseller described this sales letter as "selling cold water in a hot dessert".

How To Build A New Home

This was for a client who markets an ebook on how to build a new home while being your own contractor so saving yourself big bucks. He needed to boost his conversion level from his old website. His conversion has now more than doubled!

Flex Easy Arthritis Pain Reliever

This website had a simple product deception and testimonials on separate pages. The website was rewritten to include a long sales letter and layout change to improve conversion rate from 1% to 10%!! Shows what a few direct marketing principles can do for your bottom line.

Parkinson's Disease Ebook

This sales letter uses the personal and emotional approach to selling a health product. This approach works exceptionally well as engaging the readers attention and getting the sale.

Body Building / Weight Loss

This client needed a rewrite for his sales letter. Changed headline, tightened up the copy and layout and strengthened his bullet points.

Membership Website - AdwordMentor

Client was already converting well but thought that he could do much better ... and he was right! After I did the rewrite his membership DOUBLED in less than a month!!

Pool Game Training Product -The Lesson

Client wanted to try the full sales letter approach to sell this book on improving your pool game. This was a change from the normal catalog-style advertising where the book was just given a few lines of advertising blurb. (Also includes accompanying autoresponder series at bottom.)

SEO Marketing Secrets

The salesletter promotes a search engine optimization video tutorial by a SEO consultant. This is geared to customers who want to do their own search engine optimization and learn in an easy to follow format. (Letter as presented to client.)

Lawnwcare Business

Don't let the "down-to-earth" (pun intended) look of this website fool you. This is one of my best converting salesletters. This letter was recommended on a popular copywriting board as an example to learn from! This was a rewrite project.

The Wholesale Drop Shippers Vault

This was a direct response letter for a membership website providing wholesalers and drop shippers information to eBay sellers and flea market businesses.

A Leads Generator Sales Letter

This is a lead generator sales letter that's part of a two-step sales process. It serves to build curiosity and qualify the prospect for a high ticket item. It's always best to use this method for items above $500 rather than attempting the direct sale.

Financial Market - eCurrency Trading.

Client was initially using a letter that he wrote and contacted me for a rewrite. I was able to triple his conversions which covered my copywriting fee in just a few weeks. Still trying to write your own copy? How much money are you losing?

Network Marketing - Net MLM Success

(See testimonial on home page) This clients netted over $20,000 in just a few short weeks from this sales letter. Another winner!

Instant Graphic Generator

Sales letter for a website graphics creation software. Product yet to be launched as of this date.

Boost Your Website Conversion

My only product that NEVER had a refund request. You get a copy of this ebook when you try my copywriting services.



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